Roger Bechtiger

Architektur + Design

Mr. Bechtiger (b.1975, St.Gallen CH) spent most of his formative years in his native town building experience, both educational and work-oriented, in the field of architecture & design.  During these years, Mr. Bechtiger participated actively in the work of his parents, both interior designers.  After brief study and design work periods in both New York and Zurich, he completed his graduate studies in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design, USA.  Mr. Bechtiger worked the following several years as Architect on a variety of both international and regional projects (Sasaki Associates, Ltd.), then finally returned to his native Switzerland to work at a Zürich-based interior architecture firm (Stefan Zwicky).  His projects included high-profile architecture projects, e.g., the Sprüngli headquarters (Zürich).  In 2007, Mr. Bechtiger along with a partner founded wohnbedarf breu & bechtiger gmbh in Frauenfeld, a modern furniture firm that also offers interior design services.  In 2009, he founded an adjacent firm, Bechtiger Architecture + Design (St.Gallen), which focuses on designing and developing modern retail, commercial, residential, and luxury spaces.  His designs/work methods have concentrated on issues of space and light as well as resolving the potentially conflicting use of functional space, largely inspired by the art and design of diverse cultural situations.  Mr. Bechtiger is a devoted, fun-loving father of three who enjoys art, hiking, skiing, and international travel/culture